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A program for registering images with with mutual information based metric. Several registration options are given for 3,6, 9,12,16 parameter (i.e. translate, rigid, scale, scale/skew, full affine) based constraints for the registration. The program uses the Slicer3 execution model framework to define the command line arguments and can be fully integrated with Slicer3 using the module discovery capabilities of Slicer3


Category:Intermodal, Intersubject, Affine Warp, Linear Warp
License:BSD License
Development Status:5 - Production/Stable/Mature
Environment:Console (Text Based)
Intended Audience:Developers, End Users, Other Audience
Natural Language:English
Operating System:MacOS, Windows, OS Independent, POSIX/UNIX-like
Programming Language:C++
Supported Data Format:ANALYZE, DICOM, NIfTI-1, Other Format


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BRAINSFit: Mutual Information Rigid Registration of Whole-Brain 3D Images Using the Insight Toolkit posted by kent williams on Aug 21, 2009