Optseq - fMRI Event Scheduler

Optseq is a tool for automatically scheduling events for rapid-presentation event-related (RPER) fMRI experiments (the schedule is the order and timing of events). Events in RPER are presented closely enough in time that their hemodynamic responses will overlap. This requires that the onset times of the events be jittered in order to remove the overlap from the estimate of the hemodynamic response. RPER is highly resistant to habituation, expectation, and set because the subject does not know when the next stimulus will appear or which stimulus type it will be. RPER is also more efficient than fixed-interval event related (FIER) because more stimuli can be presented within a given scanning interval at the cost of assuming that the overlap in the hemodynamic responses will be linear. In SPM parlance, RPER is referred to as 'stochastic design'.

This is a subproject of the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Techniques (http://www.nitrc.org/projects/cfnt/)

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