UNC Human Brain Atlas

Human brain atlases and databases generated at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Current available atlases:
- UNC/UCI Neonate hippocampus amygdala multi-atlas database + updated version with Baby Connectome Project subjects
- UNC/UCI Neonate scan rescan database : 6 subjects with each two scans of T1- and T2-weighted MR images
- UNC Neonate multi/population atlas: Multi-atlas population for tissue segmentation in neonates, includes left-right mirrored images for symmetric analysis
- UNC-MNI Pediatric 1-year-old atlas: Symmetric atlas generated from 104 1-year-old subjects, combining children at high familial risk of autism and controls.
- Pediatric 4-year-old atlas: Symmetric atlas generated from 10 4-year-old healthy subjects.
- Adult atlas: Symmetric atlas generated from 50+ healthy adult subjects (20-59 year old).
- Elderly atlas: Atlas generated from 27 healthy elderly subjects (60+ years old).

Additional information and acknowledgment for their usage can be found by clicking on the release notes.

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