Posted By: Bennett Landman - Sep 5, 2012
Tool/Resource: JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit
Merry Band of JIST Users,

I am thrilled to announce that our hypervisor is now estimating resource (memory/cpu) requirements. If you download any new JIST bundle, the hypervisor will be on by default. This will send our server (by default, but you can run your own hypervisor if you like – it’s all politely virtualized) the name of the module, size information (# bytes) for each input parameter, grid status, and your MAC address. Based on this information, we use a regression tree to predict memory and CPU (in a few ms). When your module completes, the actual memory/CPU usage are sent back to the server.

In version 1, our data are rather limited so our regression tree is simple. We’ve found it converges fairly well once you run a module 10-20 times on similar machines. Please let me know if you experience any issues. All code is committed and public. I am editing the paper for submission now. I’m happy to send a confidential pre-submission copy upon request if ya’ll want to prod the innards.

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