Posted By: Zaixu Cui - Apr 30, 2013
Tool/Resource: PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI
PANDA (Pipeline for Analyzing braiN Diffusion imAges) is a matlab toolbox for pipeline processing of diffusion MRI images. For each subject, PANDA can provide outputs in 2 types: i) diffusion parameter data that is ready for statistical analysis; ii) brain anatomical networks constructed by using diffusion tractography. Particularly, there are 3 types of resultant diffusion parameter data: WM atlas-level, voxel-level and TBSS-level. The brain network generated by PANDA has various edge definitions, e.g. fiber number, length, FA or probability-weighted.

Now, the version 2 of PANDA has been finished, in which a few bugs are fixed and many new functions ( are added.
In addition, we have made a mailing list ( for PANDA. We will send update information of PANDA through this mailing list in the future. Please join in the mailling list if you like.

Thanks for your interests and supports on our work!
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