PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI

PANDA (Pipeline for Analyzing braiN Diffusion imAges) is a matlab toolbox for pipeline processing of diffusion MRI images. For each subject, PANDA can provide outputs in 2 types: i) diffusion parameter data that is ready for statistical analysis; ii) brain anatomical networks constructed by using diffusion tractography. Particularly, there are 3 types of resultant diffusion parameter data: WM atlas-level, voxel-level and TBSS-level. The brain network generated by PANDA has various edge definitions, e.g. fiber number, length, or FA-weighted.

The key advantages of PANDA are as follows:

1.) fully-automatic processing from raw DICOM/NIFTI to final outputs;

2.) Supporting both sequential and parallel computation. The parallel environment can be a single desktop with multiple-cores or a computing cluster with a SGE system;

3.) A very friendly GUI (graphical user interface).

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