Posted By: Daniel Handwerker - Apr 25, 2008
Tool/Resource: Task Independent Fluctuations Discussion
This group is an attempt to build forum where people can learn and discuss a topic in a community that's larger than users of a particular modality or software package. We will focus on the methodology and applications of task independent fluctuation measures including: connectivity maps of fMRI resting state scans, research using EEG/MEG/PET etc, methods to remove non-neural fluctuations, and applications to clinical populations.

The goal will be to make this a very good resource for new users who want to start studying this topic and for people who want to be able to directly compare the methods used by different groups. The wiki contains some information including a list of references and a data analysis stream and the forum will hopefully be a place for discussion. Scripts and small programs can also be shared through this group.
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  • May 7, 2008  02:05 PM | Daniel Marcus
    Hi all,

    I thought I'd get this forum started by pointing to Brainscape ( It's a website focused on resting state fMRI data ans analysis. It includes a database of public and private data sets and and an online seed-region based correlation analysis engine. You can upload your own data and run it through proprocessing and analysis. You can optionally share your data with select colleagues or to everyone. The site currently includes a couple of public access data sets (Fox 2007 Neuron; Fox 2005 PNAS). The site is in beta now, so we'd love to get your comments.

    Dan Marcus

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