Posted By: Guang-Yu Zhang - Dec 3, 2018
Tool/Resource: Virtual digital brain
VDB1.3 is a 3D visualization tool of human brain, which is used to research neural activities of brain regions evoked by the virtual stimulating signal (or the virtual task signal). In addition, this tool can also help researchers to study causal relationships among brain regions, nodal degree and the shortest path length from one brain area to another in the directional brain network. This software tool is also used to design tasks and obtain the stimulating signal of task. An individualized virtual digital brain can be constructed by using VDB1.3 based on resting-state fMRI data of one participant. The virtual digital brain is similar to virtual reality technology. To investigate activation of brain regions, the stimulating signal of task is directly exerted to some brain regions of the individualized virtual digital brain instead of exerting to real human brain of every participant. Researchers can exert the stimulating signal of task to any brain area of the virtual digital brain and observe activation of brain regions. VDB1.3 add the function of displaying the virtual digital brain. This software tool VDB1.3 can be freedly downloaded from the websit
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