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Jul 12, 2019  12:07 AM | Grami Fatma
Functional data after denoising

After running the setup and the denoising steps, i want to perform Group ICA analysis with Gift Toolbox and i would like to know if there's any way to recover my whole functional images (swra) after denoising o use them.

I saw that there's no new extension added to Functional images that prove that they are denoised.

Any help would be appreciated

Jul 12, 2019  03:07 AM | Stephen L. - Coma Science Group, GIGA-Consciousness, Hospital & University of Liege
Functional data after denoising
> Hello, there is an option to check to save de noise images in setup last
> tab, but unfortunately you will have to run the setup and denoising steps
> again to generate the files.
Hope this helps,
Best regards,