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Mar 4, 2020  02:03 PM | Brandon Joffer
MRIcroGL not responding (dcm2nii)
Hello, I am a research assistant using this program to anonymize and sort MRI scans while converting from DICOM to NIFTI. Once I download my scans from the source and put the raw files into a folder. I then drag that folder into the program using both the %d & %t function to keep the name and dates of the protocols. But as I drag and drop, the program just sits and spins and does not respond. I am using the most updated version of the program and have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling multiple times. I even went so far as to use an earlier version of the program and the result was the same. Any suggestions or remedies to this issue?
Mar 4, 2020  02:03 PM | Brandon Joffer
RE: MRIcroGL not responding (dcm2nii)
I suppose that it is important to note that I am using the Windows OS when using the program.
Mar 4, 2020  04:03 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: MRIcroGL not responding (dcm2nii)
I suspect the issue is that your version of Windows is being picky about drag/dropped folders on unknown applications. Why not try the "Select Folders to Convert"

1. Make sure you are using the latest version (1.2.20191219)
2. Choose Import/ConvertDICOMtoNIfTI... menu item
3. Set up the desired output filename, hover mouse to see options (e.g. name is %n, time is %t; note %d is the series description).
4. Press the "Select Folders to Convert" button to select the parent folder with the DICOMs.
5. If there is a problem with your DICOMs, try converting a known dataset

In general, for issues with MRIcroGL (instead of MRIcron), use the MRIcroGL forum
or generate a Github issue