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Sep 11, 2017  09:09 AM
Correlations and group coding
Dear Alfonso,
Dear All,

It may seem trivial... May I ask you what is the proper way of doing simple correlation analysis?

Setup covariates 2nd level:
I have two groups – drug and placebo, let's say each with 2 subjects. I code All 1 1 1 1, Drug 1 1 0 0, Placebo 0 0 1 1. I also have behavioral ratings, which need to be correlated with connectivity. Now, if you want to test just the drug group, do you put the ratings for all (drug value, drug value, placebo value, placebo value) or the group with 0 (drug value, drug value, 0, 0)?
Results contrasts: 0 1

Thank you.
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