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Jan 8, 2019  09:01 AM | Nicole Nissim - University of Florida
First Level Not Displaying Data
Dear Conn Users,

I am working in version 17f and have data that was fully processed in CONN for N=28 [2 sessions (pre- and post-intervention), two task conditions (2-Back and 0-Back) in each session]. I am running gPPI ROI-to-ROI analyses (regression - bivariate). I have data fully processed and am able to view it at the second level. However, the first level will not display data for any subject, condition, or ROI. When viewing the source timeseries for each subject, timeseries display does not change when clicking on different conditions (screenshot example). It is not clear to me how the timeseries is being treated across the different conditions at the first level, and I would like to check over the individual subject data. Because of this, I am not clear on what values are being used in the second level. I have not received any error during processing the data. Re-analyzing and overwriting the data at first level has not resolved the display issue.

If anyone has insight on how to resolve this, please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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First Level Not Displaying Data
Nicole Nissim Jan 8, 2019
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