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Jan 10, 2019  01:01 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: First Level Not Displaying Data
Dear Nicole,

In gPPI analyses the seed/source timeseries (physiological effects) are the same irrespective of the choice of conditions. Multiple conditions are apparent in the multiple psychological effect timeseries as well as in the multiple psycho-physiological interaction timeseries. To display these in CONN simply click in the first-level analysis tab (in the same screenshot that you attached) on the option that reads 'Source timeseries'  and change it to 'First-level analysis design matrix'. If you have 4 conditions, for example, you should now see there 9 timeseries / rows in the displayed design matrix. The first will be the source timeseries (physiological term), the next 4 will be the condition timeseries (psychological terms), and the last 4 will be the interaction timeseries (PPI terms). As you click on the different conditions you will see in red highlighted the individual PPI timeseries which will be used for modeling that selected condition-specific effect. 

Regarding the absence of a preview display in that tab, one possible reason for this would be if you have run only an ROI-specific pipeline, since that preview display is only available when there is voxel-level data available (sorry about that). If this is the case, simply re-running the Setup and/or Denoising steps for the voxel-level data should fix this issue (i.e. make sure that the seed-to-voxel line is checked in the 'enabled analyses' option part of the Setup.Options tab; and when running the Setup and Denoising step make sure that the seed-to-voxel line is also checked there as well)

Hope this helps
Originally posted by Nicole Nissim:
Dear Conn Users,

I am working in version 17f and have data that was fully processed in CONN for N=28 [2 sessions (pre- and post-intervention), two task conditions (2-Back and 0-Back) in each session]. I am running gPPI ROI-to-ROI analyses (regression - bivariate). I have data fully processed and am able to view it at the second level. However, the first level will not display data for any subject, condition, or ROI. When viewing the source timeseries for each subject, timeseries display does not change when clicking on different conditions (screenshot example). It is not clear to me how the timeseries is being treated across the different conditions at the first level, and I would like to check over the individual subject data. Because of this, I am not clear on what values are being used in the second level. I have not received any error during processing the data. Re-analyzing and overwriting the data at first level has not resolved the display issue.

If anyone has insight on how to resolve this, please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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RE: First Level Not Displaying Data
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