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Jun 1, 2022  10:06 AM | Giulia Baldassari
problem with surface orgin
Dear all,
I am a researcher of Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. I am having problems extracting the surface of the hippocampus and the respective cornus ammonis because when I obtain the vtk surface of cornus ammois this doesn't respect the original position on the Hippocampus but is centered in another origin.

-image1: green cornus ammonis and red hippocampus reconstructed with Spharm-Mat and visualized in 3D Slicer;
-image2: green cornus ammonis and blue hippocampus reconstructed directly in 3D Slicer.
As you can see in image 1, the cornus ammonis doesn't occupy the right position, which instead can be seen in image 2.
How can I maintain the correct position of the cornus ammonis with respect to the hippocampus?
Attachment: image1_2.jpg