Displacement Field Viewer

Displacement field viewer or DFViewer is a simple tool for visualizing displacement fields estimated in association with image registration. Based on the displacement vector field, a mesh is generated for visualization. The mesh can be color mapped with the jacobian determinant at each point for better localization of regions that undergo compression or expansion.

Key features:
1) Jacobian determinant color mapping.
2) View synchronization.
3) Save/Load view configurations.
4) Conversion from deformation fields.
5) Conversion from HAMMER displacement fields.
6) Drag-and-drop mechanism for opening file.
7) Adjustable mesh resolution.
8) Option to save mesh in VTK format.
9) Option to view mesh in different image planes.
10) Glyph (arrow) view.
11) Accepts multiple image formats, including NIfTI (.nii.gz or .nii), NRRD (.nrrd or .nhdr), and MetaImage (.mha or .mhd).

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