Simple Medical Imaging Library Interface (SMILI)

The Simple Medical Imaging Library Interface (SMILI), pronounced 'smilie', is an open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use medical imaging viewer and library for all major operating systems. The main sMILX application features for viewing n-D images, vector images, DICOMs, anonymizing, shape analysis and models/surfaces with easy drag and drop functions. It also features a number of standard processing algorithms for smoothing, thresholding, masking etc. images and models, both with graphical user interfaces and/or via the command-line. See our YouTube channel for tutorial videos via the homepage.

The applications are all built out of a uniform user-interface framework that provides a very high level (Qt) interface to powerful image processing and scientific visualisation algorithms from the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and Visualisation Toolkit (VTK). The framework allows one to build stand-alone medical imaging applications quickly and easily, while having a multitude of processing and visualisations built-in.

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ITK, Qt, Shape, Visualisation, VTK


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