[#6899] How to embed surface thickness from CRUISE output?

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2013-03-08 18:45
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Colin Shea (sheacd)
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Nobody (None)
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How to embed surface thickness from CRUISE output?

Detailed description

I'm trying to extract labeled surface statistics (primarily thickness) from the CRUISE outputs. I've managed to apply the labeling algorithm (Labeling via Multiple Atlas Registrations) output to a surface using the "Volume Labels to Surface" module. Now I would like to use the "Surface Label Statistics" module to correlate thickness measurements with these labels. However, the input for that module requires a "Surface(s) with Statistic" input that I don't know how to generate.

In previous versions of the JIST/CRUISE package there was a module called "Iso-Levels for Surface" that took as input an iso-level image and a surface file and output an "Iso level surface" that I could use as the "Surface(s) with Statistic" input. However that module seems to have disappeared in current versions of JIST and I can't find an equivalent module.



Date: 2013-03-11 02:36
Sender: Colin Shea

Hey Min, thanks for the response. We're using the TOADS-CRUISE_2012_Mar_23_R3c jar for JIST. The "Iso-Levels for Surface" module is missing. We do have the Thickness v1.3R module, which works for whole-surface measurements but we would really like to also measure label-specific thickness. 

Do you think it's just a matter of getting the class file for the missing module? If so, where would I find it?

Date: 2013-03-09 23:00
Sender: Min Chen

Hi Colin,

Which version of JIST are you using? I still see a "Iso-Levels for Surface" under IACL->Measurement->Surface. There's also a module called "Thickness" in that folder. Is that missing for you too?


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