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Below is a list of the most active tools and resources within NITRC. Activity is measured through submitted forum messages, bugs, patches, supports, tasks, cvs commits, and file releases and through the number of members and downloads. The tools and resources are ordered by the average monthly activity percentile over the life of NITRC.

You may click on the tool/resource name to get to the Summary page for that tool/resource.

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Rank Tool/Resource Name Percentile
  21000 Functional Connectomes Project97.05%
  4BSMac: Bayesian Spatial Model for Brain Activation and Connectivity95.20%
  5CBICA: GLioma Image SegmenTation and Registration (GLISTR)93.50%
  8Rosetta Bit90.88%
  10Functional Mixed Processes Models89.05%
  11Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource88.51%
  12PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI88.44%
  14TOADS-CRUISE Brain Segmentation Tools86.91%
  15BrainNet Viewer86.27%
  16Hadoop for data colocation85.39%
  17JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit85.09%
  19CONN : functional connectivity toolbox84.72%
  20Kurtosis Imaging Network - KIN84.52%
  22ITools Resourceome84.16%
  23Functional Imaging BIRN84.06%
  24Local Label Learning (LLL) Segmentation83.13%
  25HD Neuro-Informatics83.02%
  26Infant Macaque MRI And DTI Templates82.26%
  27Lumina LP- 400 Response System82.21%
  28Philips Users Community82.17%
  29Statistical Methods for Heterogeneous Neuroimaging Data81.82%
  34Stochastic Tractography System80.43%
  35Efficient Longitudinal Upload of Depression in the Elderly (ELUDE)79.91%
  37Bayesian longitudinal low-rank regression79.68%
  40Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron79.50%
  41CBICA: PORTR79.49%
  42DSI Studio79.21%
  433T DWI test-retest reliability dataset79.10%
  45University of Illinois Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory Optical Brain Imaging Software79.00%
  46CBICA: ODVBA78.98%
  47Solar Eclipse Imaging Genetics tools78.96%
  49Ogles - OpenGL/OIV Stereotactic Tool78.64%
  50UNC/Utah NAMIC DTI Fiber Analysis Framework78.64%
  51Umeå Brain Arteries78.64%
  52iView X MRI-LR - Eye Tracking for fMRI78.64%
  55XCEDE Schema78.35%
  56MITK Diffusion78.21%
  58Curry 777.81%
  60Functional ROI Atlas77.78%
  61CBICA: Brain Tumor Modeling - Coupled Solver77.77%
  65GPU based affine registration77.46%
  67CBICA: PREDICT77.35%
  69Biomag Discussion Group on Yahoo77.32%
  73Brede Toolbox77.01%
  74EEG Toolbox76.93%
  75HCP Harvard/MGH-UCLA76.85%
  78E-Prime Extensions for fMRI76.62%
  79National Database for Autism Research76.52%
  80CBICA: Brain Anatomy Simulator76.49%
  85Insight Toolkit76.17%
  86Spatial Analysis 3D76.15%
  87ASA - Advanced Source Analysis76.11%
  88NIPY Diffusion Imaging Analysis76.10%
  89Brain Products' EEG/fMRI Hardware76.05%
  92HCP WU-Minn Consortium75.77%
  93In vivo MEMRI-based Rat Brain Atlas75.71%
  95MNI Macaque Atlases75.65%
  99PRoNTo – Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox75.46%
  100Framework for Open Programmatic Access75.38%
  102ATPP: Automatic Tractography-based Parcellation Pipeline75.31%
  103NIPY File IO75.18%
  105A robust method for correcting partial volume effect in ASL data75.12%
  106NFT: Neuroelectromag Forward Modeling75.04%
  108Faceted Search Based Ontology Visualizer74.89%
  109INCF Neuroimaging Data Sharing74.89%
  110Net Station74.81%
  111UCLA Multimodal Connectivity Database74.77%
  112FASST – fMRI Artefact rejection and Sleep Scoring Toolbox74.77%
  113brainCOLOR: human brain anatomical labeling protocols and colormaps74.73%
  116I/OWA 374.57%
  119Connectome File Format (CFF)74.48%
  124Advanced Normalization Tools74.32%
  129XCEDE Schema74.09%
  132NC-IGT Fast Imaging Library74.00%
  133Age Related Atrophy Dataset74.00%
  135MINC - Medical Image NetCDF73.91%
  137CANDI Share: Schizophrenia Bulletin 200873.91%
  138Triangle BioSystems73.89%
  141The fMRI Data Center73.82%
  143XNAT Extras73.72%
  144Surf Ice73.66%
  145Statistics Online Computational Resource73.45%
  146Neuroimaging Made Easy Blog73.45%
  147TARQUIN MRS analysis package73.40%
  148NIRx NIRS Neuroimaging73.39%
  150COGNISION (TM) System73.25%
  153NIPY Community73.20%
  154NITRC Community73.16%
  155Augmented Reality Mirror73.06%
  157ASL data processing tool box72.94%
  158MagPro Magnetic Stimulator (TMS)72.94%
  159Generalized PPI Toolbox72.88%
  162Mouse Connectome Project (MCP)72.79%
  163Fiber Tracking Tool72.78%
  164Fiber-tracking based on Finsler distance72.78%
  165ENIGMA-DTI pipeline72.75%
  166SumsDB Database72.73%
  167Fiber Optic Button Response System72.72%
  168CUDA accelerated spherical model M/EEG72.66%
  169False Discovery Rate Weighted72.64%
  172DONE: Detection of Outlier NEurons72.55%
  173ArtRepair for robust fMRI72.45%
  174WhiteText - annotated neuroscience text72.44%
  175NIPY Structural and Functional Analysis72.36%
  176CLEAVE: Large Data Set ANOVA72.21%
  178Mag Design and Engineering72.10%
  179Working Memory Trainer72.06%
  183Hitachi Optical Topography System71.88%
  185MRI Digital Projection System71.59%
  187Normative Independent Component Analysis71.48%
  189fNIR Devices71.38%
  191Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)71.35%
  192Data Format Tools71.31%
  193Network-Based Statistic (NBS)71.27%
  1984D-PARSeR (Pathological Anatomy Regression via Segmentation and Registration)71.10%
  199GraphVar: A user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity71.02%
  202Viking Viewer for Connectomics70.74%
  203SR Research EyeLink Eye Trackers70.67%
  204LONI Provenance Editor70.63%
  205CoCoMac Brain Connectivity Database70.62%
  208BioImage Suite70.44%
  209Pipeline Neuroimaging VirtualEnvironment70.41%
  210Biomedical Informatics Research Network70.34%
  211Disease State Prediction70.12%
  212Open Connectome Project70.04%
  213REST: a toolkit for resting-state fMRI69.97%
  214OEI fMRI compatible olfactometer69.96%
  215Source Information Flow Toolbox69.88%
  216NCANDA: Data Integration Component69.77%
  218Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) JavaLibrary69.75%
  219Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI)69.74%
  220IMOD - 3D Reconstruction and Analysis69.72%
  222Mouse BIRN69.44%
  223BrainGraph Editor 1.0 Beta69.44%
  224BrainVisa Morphologist extensions69.43%
  226LIMO EEG69.17%
  227Center for Computational Biology (CCB)69.15%
  229Synchronized Histological Image View Arc68.86%
  230cbiNifti: Matlab/Octave Nifti library68.82%
  232BrainMap Database68.74%
  233Waxholm Space Atlas of the C57BL/6J Mouse Brain68.70%
  235Textpresso - literature search engine68.67%
  237SMAC: Spatial Multi-category Angle-based Classifier68.62%
  238E-Prime 3.068.58%
  239PST MRI Simulator68.50%
  240UNC 0-1-2 Infant Atlases68.28%
  242CIVILITY : Cloub based Interactive Visualization of Tractography Brain Connectome68.10%
  243Grantees Meeting for NITRC68.08%
  244Create DWI Atlas67.98%
  245The Neuro Bureau67.91%
  246BrainMagix SPM Viewer67.70%
  248Multiscale Weighted Principal Component Regression67.66%
  249NeuroWeb - NeuroImaging Database67.63%
  251MultiTracer version 267.40%
  253Rodent Cortical Thickness Analysis67.26%
  254Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography67.25%
  256UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database67.01%
  257Brede Wiki67.00%
  259The Grid Code Analysis Toolbox - GridCAT66.91%
  261Rockland Download Link Script66.78%
  264NIPY Pipeline and Interfaces66.47%
  267BrainMask Volume Processing Tool66.33%
  2693D Slicer66.09%
  270fMRI Results Comparison Library65.84%
  271Spatially Constrained Parcellation65.75%
  273Group Level Imputation of Statistic Maps65.49%
  274Connectome Viewer65.38%
  278Signed Differential Mapping65.26%
  279MRBrainS Evaluation Framework / Challenge65.15%
  280PICASSO skull stripping tool65.14%
  281ExPosition Packages65.09%
  284IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1)64.79%
  285MARS (Multi-Atlas Robust Segmentation)64.70%
  286Parkinson's Disease Discovery Database64.60%
  287Population-averaged diffusion tensor imaging atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain64.21%
  288Diffusion Warp64.08%
  289Non-rigid groupwise registration method63.75%
  290Web Interfaces for Multiscale Images63.57%
  291MarsBaR region of interest toolbox63.54%
  292Hammer And WML Modules for 3D Slicer63.44%
  293Diffusion Toolkit / TrackVis63.42%
  296Brain Entropy in space and time (BEst)63.14%
  297FSL extensions63.14%
  299Medical Image Visualization and Analysis63.06%
  301CBICA: Laboratory for Individualized Breast Radiodensity Assessment (LIBRA)63.03%
  303Waxholm Space Atlas of the Sprague Dawley Rat Brain62.88%
  304Talairach Daemon62.82%
  305Neuroimaging Data Access Group62.68%
  306The Cognitive Atlas62.43%
  307fNIRS Data Analysis Environment62.26%
  308Tractography based on Riemannian geodesics and tensor adjugates62.21%
  309NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)62.18%
  310Unbiased Atlas Construction via Population (group-wise) DRAMMS Registration61.88%
  311Mindboggle-101 manually labeled brains61.81%
  312SPM for fNIRS toolbox61.72%
  313Monte Carlo Simulation Software: tMCimg61.67%
  314Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies61.65%
  315PubBrain Database61.64%
  316MoTrak - Head Motion Tracking System61.63%
  318CBICA: MOE60.96%
  319Automatic Registration Toolbox60.96%
  320CBICA: GONDOLA60.94%
  321Mesh-based Monte Carlo (MMC)60.92%
  322MRI denoising60.63%
  324Neuroinformatics - The Journal60.36%
  325CBICA: DTIDROID60.22%
  326Zebrafish heart segmentation60.21%
  327Human Imaging Database (HID)60.21%
  328Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX)60.16%
  329SPHARM-PDM Toolbox60.14%
  333CBICA: Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk)59.66%
  334Cerebral Blood Flow Database and Analysis Pipeline (CBFDAP)59.65%
  336MONSTR Multi Contrast Brain Stripping59.48%
  338Functional Connectivity Community59.20%
  340Progression Score Model Toolkit59.14%
  342Statistical Methods for Manifold-valued Data58.97%
  343NIRAL Utilities58.71%
  345Scalable Brain Atlas58.15%
  347Stereoscopic Atlas of Intrinsic Brain Networks (SAIBN)57.98%
  349Combining a patch-based approach with a non-rigid registration-based label fusion method for the hippocampal segmentation57.94%
  3542008 MICCAI MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge57.00%
  356BraTumIA (Brain Tumor Image Analysis)55.62%
  358SLIC: a whole brain parcellation toolbox55.34%
  359Spinal Cord Toolbox55.13%
  360Center for Functional Neuroimaging Tech55.03%
  361International Imaging Genetics Conference54.88%
  362NITRC Enhanced Services54.76%
  363Subject Order-Independent Group ICA54.66%
  364ENIGMA-Viewer: Visualizing Effect Sizes in Meta-Analysis54.65%
  365Group ICA Toolbox (GIFT and EEGIFT)54.49%
  366Draw3D and Meshinator54.46%
  367DTIProcess ToolKit54.23%
  369VMTK in 3D Slicer53.66%
  371MCIC- schizophrenic and matched control data53.00%
  372BrainVoyager Brain Tutor52.92%
  3733d Brain Atlas Reconstructor52.90%
  378STAMP Atlases for Brain Abnormality Detection52.19%
  379Artifact Detection Tools (ART)52.18%
  380Generation R Pediatric MRI Resources52.13%
  381SpineSegmentation module for 3DSlicer51.99%
  382EEG human categorization data51.96%
  383LONI Pipeline Environment51.93%
  384MRI Defacer51.56%
  385Parallel Stochastic Ion Channel Simulator51.43%
  387CANDI Neuroimaging Access Point50.59%
  388Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator50.50%
  390Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab50.42%
  391CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools50.41%
  392Lightweight Data Pipeline50.41%
  393ABSORB for groupwise registration50.23%
  394INSTAR (Infant Joint Segmentation and Registration)50.04%
  395Mid-Space-Independent Deformable Image Registration49.89%
  396shapeAnalysisMANCOVA - SPHARM tools49.87%
  397NYU CSC TestRetest49.87%
  398Ultra-high field atlas for DBS planning49.52%
  399ANNOVAR: Functional annotation of genetic variants from high-throughput sequencing data49.52%
  400ReproNim: A Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation49.50%
  401Maps4Mipav (Exploratory JIST) 49.34%
  402Single-subject Resting state fMRI Reproducibility Resource49.27%
  403Simulated DW-MRI Brain Data Sets for Quantitative Evaluation of Estimated Fiber Orientations49.19%
  404MISST - Microstructure Imaging Sequence Simulation ToolBox49.10%
  405Multiple Correlation Function Tool48.96%
  406Epsilon Radial Networks48.81%
  407Northwestern University Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool (NUSDAST)48.70%
  408GLMdenoise: a fast, automated technique for denoising task-based fMRI data48.57%
  410Magnetic Resonance Angiography Atlas Dataset48.30%
  411Conferences, Workshops and Meetings48.24%
  412BXH/XCEDE Tools48.08%
  413Orientation Distribution Function in Constant Solid Angle (CSA-ODF)47.79%
  415Infant Functional Atlas47.68%
  419fNIRS Research Database47.26%
  420FBIRN Image Processing Scripts (FIPS)47.25%
  421The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA)47.14%
  422Task Independent Fluctuations Discussion47.09%
  423NODDI Matlab Toolbox46.98%
  424SchizConnect: Large-Scale Schizophrenia Neuroimaging Data Mediation & Federation46.64%
  425Simple Medical Imaging Library Interface (SMILI)46.61%
  426MRI Dataset for Hippocampus Segmentation46.59%
  427Local Manifold Learning for Multi-atlas segmentation46.38%
  428BetA-Series COrrelation46.26%
  429MultiXplore: Visual Exploration Platform for Multimodal Neuroimaging Data46.12%
  430Graph Theory GLM (GTG) MATLAB Toolbox45.95%
  433Diffusion MRI @ DKFZ Heidelberg45.52%
  434PESTICA & SLOMOCO: physio and motion correction tools45.50%
  435Wisconsin White Matter Hyperintensities Segmentation Toolbox45.44%
  436DWI/DTI Quality Control Tool: DTIPrep45.43%
  438Vervet Probabilistic Atlas44.95%
  439Best Practices for Software Development44.91%
  440Optseq - fMRI Event Scheduler44.90%
  441Spanish Resting State Network44.84%
  442S-rep Fitting, Statistics, and Segmentation44.76%
  443NeuroImage Field-of-View Normalization Tool44.45%
  444Bayesian Connectivity Analysis software (BCA)44.44%
  445Imeka Tractography Service44.35%
  446MATLAB Tutorial on Diffusion Tensor MRI44.29%
  448Phoneme-Syllable Tsinghua University CS&T 201143.96%
  449Robust Brain Extraction (ROBEX)43.72%
  450EEG Study data of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) in ESS format43.71%
  451In vivo MEMRI-based Mouse Brain Atlas43.68%
  452Preprocessed Connectomes Project43.46%
  454Human Connectome Project (HCP)43.41%
  455Multicomponent T2 estimation with stimulated echo correction43.38%
  456SRI24 Atlas: Normal Adult Brain Anatomy43.29%
  457Brainnetome fMRI toolkit43.27%
  458Brain Hierarchical Atlas: A brain atlas where the regions of interest are relevant for both structure and function43.22%
  459NTU-DSI-122: A Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Template with High Anatomical Matching to the ICBM-152 Space43.20%
  460Advanced Connectivity Analysis (ACA): a large scale functional connectivity data mining environment42.97%
  461Brainnetome DiffusionKit42.55%
  464Longitudinal MS Lesion Imaging Archive42.35%
  465NIDB - Neuroinformatics Database42.27%
  467CutNII - Custom-angle slicer for brain atlas volumes41.95%
  468ABC (Atlas Based Classification)41.94%
  470GIMME (Group Iterative Multiple Model Estimation)41.79%
  471Brain Connectivity Toolbox41.72%
  472YMDTI: Diffusion Tensor Images of Healthy Young Males41.39%
  473Brainance DTI Module41.33%
  474HAMMER: Deformable Registration41.26%
  475Atlasing of the basal ganglia41.06%
  476Cluster reporter41.03%
  477Local Binary Pattern Analysis Tools for MR Brain Images40.94%
  484Stereo Investigator40.09%
  485Emory-UNC Developmental Macaque Structural and DTI Atlases39.98%
  4867T Structural MRI scans ATAG39.96%
  487Functional Real-time Interactive Endogenous Neuromodulation and Decoding (FRIEND)39.24%
  489isc-toolbox: Inter-subject correlation analysis for fMRI in Matlab39.15%
  490DTI Atlas Builder39.04%
  491Quantitative Diffusion Tools39.01%
  492ICA Components from Kessler, et al, JAMA Psychiatry 201638.83%
  494Fast Nonlocal Means for MRI denoising38.72%
  495Functional Analysis of Diffusion Tensor38.60%
  498VAMCA Cortical Meta-analysis Toolbox37.53%
  499LONI Debabeler37.39%
  503DeID - A data sharing tool for neuroimaging studies36.44%
  504JIST Resources for Algorithm Development36.26%
  505Task-based fMRI atlases35.85%
  506MENGA: Multimodal Environment for Neuroimaging and Genomic Analysis35.57%
  508JIP fMRI Analysis Toolkit35.52%
  511Stark Cross-Sectional Aging35.22%
  516Computational Anatomy Toolbox - CAT34.10%
  517MABMIS: Multi-Atlas Based Segmentation33.95%
  518cPPI Toolbox for fMRI33.81%
  519Deformable Template Model for Brain Analysis33.37%
  520masked ICA (mICA) Toolbox33.23%
  523DRAMMS Deformable Image Registration Toolbox32.55%
  524CIFTI Connectivity File Format32.32%
  525DTI denoising32.30%
  528Diffusion Tractography with Kalman Filter31.86%
  529Functional Connectivity Analysis Tool for near-infrared spectroscopy data31.81%
  530PHYCAA+: adaptive physiological noise correction for BOLD fMRI31.70%
  532Templates for In vivo Mouse Brain31.64%
  533Cerebellar White Matter Atlas31.57%
  534CBICA: Tutorials (Image Processing and Machine Learning) using CPP, ITK, etc.31.55%
  535Slicer3 Example Modules31.49%
  536HistoloZee - 3D histology reconstruction and co-registration with MRI31.38%
  537High-quality diffusion-weighted imaging of Parkinson's disease31.32%
  5393-Dimensional Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Atlas of the Rat Brain In Postnatal Day 5, 14, and Adulthood31.05%
  541ADJUST - EEG Automatic Artifact Removal30.61%
  542HAMMER Suite30.31%
  543Multivariate General Linear Models (MGLM) on Riemannian Manifolds30.28%
  544Image Synthesis30.08%
  545MRI Studio30.08%
  547Program for optimal design of blocked fMRI experiments29.83%
  553Manually Labeled MRI Brain Scan Database29.54%
  555SPIKECOR: fMRI tool for automated correction of head motion spikes29.22%
  557NIH Pediatric MRI Data Repository29.15%
  558ASHS: Automatic Segmentation of Hippocampal Subfields28.89%
  559fMRI Grocer28.81%
  560NITRC GForge Extensions28.68%
  561NIH-CIDI Lung Segmentation Tool28.68%
  562Numerical Fibre Generator (NFG)28.40%
  563Group Information Guided ICA28.29%
  564Multi-fiber Reconstruction from DW-MRI28.08%
  565Multi-contrast and submillimetric 3-Tesla hippocampal subfield segmentation protocol and dataset (MNI-HISUB25)28.07%
  566HI-SPEED Software Packets28.06%
  567UNC Human Brain Atlas28.03%
  568R-package for adaptive DWI analysis27.96%
  569Hierarchical Functional Networks in Resting State fMRI27.87%
  570Colin 3T/7T High-resolution Atlas27.85%
  571Corpus Callosum Thickness Profile Analysis Pipeline27.81%
  572Clinical Toolbox for SPM27.73%
  573A label fusion using CRF27.43%
  574Template Image Processing Library27.30%
  576DW-MRI registration in FSL27.22%
  577Brainnetome Atlas Viewer27.14%
  578C8: Corpus Callosum Computations27.10%
  581Haiko89: MRI in vivo Baboon Brain Templates Collection (Papio anubis)26.82%
  583DTI Fiber Tract Statistics26.69%
  587MR Connectome Automated Pipeline (MRCAP)26.25%
  588MeshValmet: Validation Metric for Meshes25.90%
  590BrainVoyager Viewer25.76%
  592Robust Biological Parametric Mapping25.75%
  593Convert MNI coordinates to or from XYZ25.51%
  5953T MRI data set on structural brain-behavior correlations25.41%
  596Gradient Non-linearity Unwarping Tool25.22%
  598Standard Amygdalar fMRI Probe Tasks24.99%
  599MeshGen - Surface meshes from volumetric segmentation data24.91%
  600MABMIS for Slicer 4: Multi-Atlas Based Multi-Image Segmentation24.84%
  601Simulated Diffusion-Weighted Datasets24.71%
  602GMAC: A Matlab toolbox for spectral Granger causality analysis of fMRI data24.54%
  605MASI Label Fusion24.42%
  606Automatic Segmentation Tool Adapter24.22%
  607Finsler tractography module for Slicer24.11%
  608FVGWAS: Fast Voxelwise Genome Wide Association Analysis24.01%
  611volBrain: online MRI segmentation23.93%
  612R-package for adaptive fMRI analysis23.58%
  613Dual-tree complex wavelet combined with non-local means for ASL fMRI denoising23.57%
  615MNE - Minimum Norm Current Estimates23.45%
  616B0 and eddy current correction for DTI23.28%
  617Functional Regression Analysis of DTI23.20%
  618Morphometry BIRN23.14%
  620Spatial Statistical Parametric Mapping22.97%
  622CCSeg - Corpus Callosum Segmentation22.83%
  623Elastic Net-based Parcellation (ENPA)22.61%
  624A joint sparse partial correlation method for estimating group functional networks22.54%
  625DOTS WM tract segmentation22.42%
  626Web Game for Collaborative Labeling22.29%
  628Corpus callosum and brain segmentations from ABIDE database22.26%
  629JHU Proj. in Applied Medical Imaging22.20%
  630Inter-Group Registration Toolbox22.06%
  632POLGUI- Matlab GUI for Polhemus Fastrak 22.02%
  634Notion ResearchPACS21.86%
  635Iterative dual-regression with sparse prior21.85%
  636xjView, a viewing tool for SPM21.78%
  637Estimating Functional Brain Network based on Modularity Prior21.77%
  638LONI Inspector21.77%
  640Parallel Graph-theoretical Analysis Toolkit21.46%
  642Slicer3 Module Rician noise filter21.38%
  643PICSL Multi-Atlas Segmentation Tool21.36%
  644BTK : Baby Brain Toolkit21.27%
  6454D Atlas Construction21.21%
  646Mindboggle: open source software for analyzing the shapes of brain structures from human MRI data21.10%
  647Fast T2 relaxation data analysis with stimulated echo correction and non-local spatial regularisation21.05%
  648Diffusion MRI - In-vivo and Phantom Data20.98%
  652MGH Neonatal/Pediatric ADC atlases20.64%
  657Efficient Permutation Testing19.90%
  659NIH-CIDI Segmentation of PET Images based on Affinity Propagation Clustering19.85%
  660Generalized Covariance Analysis (gCVA)19.75%
  661AURA tools : AUtomated Retinal Analysis tools19.74%
  662imcalc: SPM batch image calulator19.32%
  663Displacement Field Viewer19.22%
  664UManitoba-JHU Functionally-Defined Human White Matter Atlas19.18%
  665Fusion ICA Toolbox (FIT)19.13%
  666INIA19 Primate Brain Atlas19.12%
  667NIRx2nirs: A NIRx to .nirs data converter19.00%
  668ALVIN - Lateral Ventricle Segmentation18.88%
  669Single-index Varying Coefficient Model for Functional Responses18.87%
  670DW-MRI Random Walk Simulator18.86%
  672Intrinsic Unscented Kalman Filter (IUKF) Tractography Software v1.018.82%
  673Randomized Denoising Autoencoders for Neuroimaging18.77%
  674Connectome Workbench18.69%
  677Penn Hippocampus Atlas18.35%
  678Landman NeuroImaging Tools18.25%
  679Resource Ontology Discussion Group18.22%
  680SINOMO (SIngular NOde MOtifs)17.94%
  682MouseBIRN Atlasing Toolkit (MBAT)17.55%
  683SPM_SS - fMRI functional localizers17.54%
  685CBICA: WMLS (White Matter Lesion Segmentation)17.43%
  686XFSL: An FSL toolbox17.28%
  687Diffusion MRI Tool17.25%
  688fMRI Classification in R16.98%
  690Automated Image Registration (AIR)16.79%
  691resting-state pediatric imaging template16.48%
  692MIAS Registration Toolkit16.33%
  693Brain Segmentation Testing Protocol16.33%
  694ValMap: simple statistical mapping tool16.02%
  695Wavelet-based Image Fusion15.94%
  696Using Make for Neuroimaging Workflow: Manual and Examples15.83%
  697vis: SPM Visualized Statistics toolbox15.77%
  698CoCoMac-Paxinos3D viewer15.74%
  700Segmentation Validation Engine15.51%
  702Serotonin Transporter HighResolution PET Template15.39%
  703MGDM: Multi Geometric Deformable Model15.32%
  704TractoR: Tractography with R15.29%
  705IDeA Lab brain image processing suite15.28%
  707DICCCOL predictor (v0.1)15.18%
  708Internet Brain Volume Database (IBVD)15.16%
  710The Brain Coactivation Map14.65%
  711VarTbx – Variability Toolbox14.54%
  713MRI Neuroanatomy Labeling Services14.50%
  715Subject Library14.45%
  716CBICA: COMPARE14.35%
  717Measure Projection Toolbox (MPT)14.34%
  718Level-set Segmentation for Slicer314.13%
  719LONI De-identification Debablet14.05%
  720Cluster Extent Correction13.99%
  721Joint Anisotropic LMMSE Filter for Stationary Rician noise removal in DWI13.72%
  722NeuroPub Visualizer13.60%
  723Kymata Atlas13.58%
  725Microstructural correlation toolbox13.49%
  727Wisconsin Cortical Thickness Analysis (CTA) Toolbox13.48%
  728Pythagorean Displacement and Motion Regressors13.36%
  731BrainVision Analyzer12.87%
  732N3 - MINC B0 nonuniformity correction12.85%
  734fanDTasia Java Applet: DT-MRI Processing12.50%
  739MEG Tools11.74%
  740UNC Primate Brain Atlas11.18%
  744CDF-HC PointSetReg10.23%
  746Rodent Brain Extraction Tool9.924%