Posted By: J-Donald Tournier - Mar 14, 2013
Tool/Resource: MRtrix
MRtrix version 0.2.11 is now available for download. This is a minor release with the following key enhancements:

- compressed NIfTI support (*.nii.gz)
- DICOM multi-frame support
- variable brush size in MRView ROI tool
- a few files to help set up MIME types and icons under Linux (just run ./install_mime_types)

Other bug fixes:
- generate NIfTI images that won't crash FSLView (i.e. when 4th dimension is zero)
- fix bug that resulted in NaNs in response function
- fix bug in handling of temporary files when no write permission to current working directory
- streamtrack's -stop option now tracks bidirectionally as expected
- various compilation fixes
- other minor bug fixes (see change log for details)

Note that the Python interpreter in the build script is now explicitly invoked as 'python2', since on newer systems 'python' defaults to Python version 3, which will only abort with unhelpful error messages. If you get 'bad interpreter' error messages, either edit the first line of the 'build' file to point to the correct Python version 2 executable, or create a symbolic link to it called 'python2' somewhere in your path, e.g.:

# ln -s /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/python2
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