Posted By: J-Donald Tournier - Feb 16, 2012
Tool/Resource: MRtrix
MRtrix version 0.2.10 is now available for download. This is a minor release with the following enhancements:

- easier install via './build install'
- support for MacOS X
- new filter_tracks command to edit tractography output after tracking
- new tracks2vtk command for output to VTK applications
- new MatLab scripts to read/write MRtrix image and track files
- new features in MRView:
- images can be loaded into viewer using drag & drop;
- position of focus can be dropped onto command-line by dragging from statusbar
- faster rendering of FOD overlay
- other minor bug fixes

Other more minor changes:

- new length-scaled TDI option in tracks2prob
- '-stop' option in streamtrack now stops once all include ROIs have been reached
- for NIfTI: both qform and sform entries are now written with equivalent transform information
- other minor bug fixes (see full changelog for details).
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