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Feb 2, 2016  04:02 AM | Seongjin Choi
JIST installation problem
I tried to install JIST (v.3.2) after the installation of MIPAV (7.0+). I followed the instructions and the installation process ended up with an error message, "No plugins were installed, please select valid MIPAV plugin files". I reinstalled MIPAV and tried again, however, the results were identical. I tried on both a Mac (Yosemite) and a Windows 10 laptops. On both computers, the error messages were identical. To make it sure, I tried other plugins such as TOADS-CRUISE. The results were identical.

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JIST installation problem
Seongjin Choi Feb 2, 2016
Bennett Landman Sep 11, 2016
Seongjin Choi Feb 25, 2016