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May 22, 2020  11:05 AM | Maria Athanassiou
Second level analyses - multiple error messages
Hi Alfonso,

I hope you're staying safe and warm during these trying times.

I am attempting to run connectivity analyses on my fMRI dataset (FACES task). I have three conditions of interest (angry, neutral, control), 8 spherical ROIs created from MNI coordinates, and 8 ROI clusters extracted from my previous activation analyses on the same subjects (they have been appropriately transformed into .nii files).

I was coming across the issue attached in an image below. Although I've re-entered my ROIs, re-preprocessed, re-denoised, and re-computed my first level analyses, I am still getting the same error message (and it also mentions that my "second level analyses cannot be displayed as a condition has not been computed"). Would you happen to have any insight that could assit me in the matter?

Thank you very much in advance, and have a lovely afternoon,

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Second level analyses - multiple error messages
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