CBICA: Laboratory for Individualized Breast Radiodensity Assessment (LIBRA)

The Laboratory for Individualized Breast Radiodensity Assessment (LIBRA) is a fully-automatic breast density estimation solution based on a published algorithm that works on either raw (i.e., “FOR PROCESSING”) or vendor post-processed (i.e., “FOR PRESENTATION”) digital mammography images from two vendors: GE Healthcare and Hologic. LIBRA has been applied to over 70,000 screening exams and is being increasingly utilized in larger studies.

LIBRA has two modes of operations:

1. An easy-to-use interactive mode with Graphical-User-Interface where the user is prompted to select either a single DICOM image or a folder of DICOM images, an output folder for the results, and whether they wish to save intermediate files.
2. A command-line interface amenable to batch processing and scripting, where the user can explicitly define the input and output paths.

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