This is a plugin for EEGlab that does Carbon-Wire Loops regression for getting rid of Ballistocardiac artifacts and other motion-related artifacts such as the Helium pump artifact (for the paper of its performance on the He pump artifact, see "Carbon-wire loop based artifact correction outperforms post-processing EEG/fMRI corrections-A validation of a real-time simultaneous EEG/fMRI correction method.", NeuroImage, 2016 Jan 15;125:880-94.

This EEGLAB plugin also comes with a (very) small example dataset for testing out the regression: this dataset has got 30 EEG channels, 1 EOG, 1 ECG and 6 CWL signals (the latter of which are used for the regression of the EEG and the EOG channel).

A full CWL-EEG/fMRI 8-subject eyes open/eyes closed data set (EEG and MR data ~ 25 Gig) is available at the NITRC website (see: ) See also the following NITRC Project for more information:

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