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Overall: 3 out of 5Installation: 3 out of 5Documentation: 5 out of 5

Individual Rating Results for CBICA: GLioma Image SegmenTation and Registration (GLISTR)

Review 1 of CBICA: GLioma Image SegmenTation and Registration (GLISTR) on Jan 08, 2018
Version Reviewed:  3.1.1
Overall Ease vs. Functionality:  3 out of 5
Download/Installation Ease:  3 out of 5
Documentation/Support Quality:  5 out of 5
Ratings/Long-term Prospects Comments:  The installation take me ( not very good at linux ) a lot of time, especially the installation of dependencies. It was really a challenge for me . I was using Ubuntu 16.04 and found that the latest version of ITK will led to an error while "make"ing after "cmake", e.g. "ImageCompareCommand.cxx:370:7: error: ‘itksys_ios’ has not been declared", but ITK 4.8 work smoothly.
Other Comments/Similar Tools:  hold on, it can be installed finally !