Posted By: Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Jun 27, 2017
Tool/Resource: CONN : functional connectivity toolbox
We are happy to announce the latest release of CONN (17f). If you have not had the chance to update CONN recently this is a great time to do so and see what is all the fuzz about the new Quality Assurance plots and measures, increasing BIDS-compatibility support, and stability/usability improvements in distributed cluster or multi-processor environments.

We are also happy to announce the new site where you can find video tutorials as well as detailed installation and configuration tips.

Last but not least, we are compiling a list of example CONN configuration instructions for several representative cluster computing environments, so if you have CONN installed in a distributed cluster, HPC, or multi-processor environment, and would like to contribute, please send us a description and/or your conn_jobmanager.mat file configuration details and help share the joy of distributed computations.

As always, please send us your feedback/comments/suggestions through the NITRC CONN forum ( and thank you all for your continuing support!
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