In vivo Adult Yucatan micropig brain template

This is a T2-weighted MRI brain template constructed from 16 adult Yucatan micropigs aged 6 months to 2 years old, created using non-linear registration methods (Advanced Normalization Tools). Tissue probability maps for gray matter, white matter, and CSF are also included. Estimated whole brain tractography from one individual is included as a sample. Please refer to the following article when using this template: Chang SJ, Santamaria AJ, Sanchez FJ, Villamil LM, Pinheiro Saraiva P, Rodriguez J, et al. In vivo Population Averaged Stereotaxic T2w MRI Brain Template for the Adult Yucatan Micropig. Frontiers in neuroanatomy 2020;14(89).

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brain, brain template, micropig, pig, tissue probability map