iBEAT: Infant Brain Extraction and Analysis Toolbox. Since 2008, PIs in UNC-Chapel Hill have been working on developing infant-dedicated computational tools. In 2012, the iBEAT toolbox was initially released. In 2020, iBEAT V2.0 Cloud was re-developed with more advanced techniques, available online (http://www.ibeat.cloud/). Users can process any age of pediatric images via uploading images into iBEAT Cloud. Up to date, iBEAT V2.0 Cloud has successfully processed 13,000+ infant brain images from 100+ institutions. Please check user feedback: https://ibeat.wildapricot.org/Feedbacks
and demos: https://ibeat.wildapricot.org/Demos

About us:
The iBEAT V2.0 software is developed by the UNC at Chapel Hill:

Volume-based analysis was designed in the Developing Brain Computing Lab, led by Dr. Li Wang (li_wang@med.unc.edu);

Surface-based analysis was designed in the Baby Brain Mapping Lab, led by Dr. Gang Li (gang_li@med.unc.edu).

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