NIRS-KIT: A MATLAB toolbox for both task and resting-state fNIRS data analysis

NIRS-KIT, a MATLAB toolbox for both task and resting-state fNIRS data analysis, covers the entire analysis pipeline. For task fNIRS, individual-level analysis is carried out to detect task-related neural activation . For resting-state fNIRS, individual-level functional connectivity (FC), ALFF/fALFF, and network metrics can be calculated. For group-level analysis, NIRS-KIT provides several popular parametric models and multiple comparison correction approaches. It also provides multiple result visualization functions. Please contact: or for it.
NIRS-ICA, a toolbox for removing fNIRS noise and extracting neural activity-related sources, has been integrated into NIRS-KIT. Please contact: for NIRS-ICA.
Please Note: For convenience, we will be using GitHub for the update and management of the NIRS-KIT software in the future. If you wish to download the latest version, please visit the GitHub website (

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